Beat, Hippie, Or Punk - Jess Scott
The Last Time - Tony Molina
Drop Out - Nervus
Happier Still - Big Joanie
Ex-Lion Tamer - Wire
Window Shopper - Onyon
Thought I Could Do It, Turns Out I Couldn't - Staffers
Floating - Teenage Halloween
Happy Birthday - Junk Whale
I Am There While You Choke On Me - Blonde Redhead
Trash Mental - Sinaïve
My Voice - Nuha Ruby Ra
This Boy Is A Mess - The Orchids
Don't Dictate - Penetration
You Otto Know - The Missed
Sugar - Bad Sleep
Whatchugonnado? - Bob Vylan
Delirium - L'appel du vide
Infirmary - Body Shop
Attachment Theory - Sonagi
Golden Axe - Nancy Pants
JULY 2, 2022