ME REX is made up of longtime friends Myles McCabe (Guitar/Keys/Vocals), Phoebe Cross (Drums/Vocals) and Rich Mandell (Bass/Keys/Vocals/Production). Based in London and Brighton, the band have carved a distinct niche for themselves. Over the course of two double EPs, one shuffle album, and now an album proper - the trio have continued to evolve with their blend of introspective lyricism, “surging, gargantuan hooks” and soundscapes. ME REX defies genre boundaries and typical song structures, while touching on themes of friendship, forgiveness, loss and joy wrapped in sweeping metaphors of alchemy and mythology. Across the bands catalogue they weave in influences taken from art and lore, from the idea of “Comets as harbingers of change and gateways to other realms” to ancient foundational narratives and their real-world reflections, managing to shape them into something closer to modern humanity.

If there’s anything that defines Norwich band SUDS, it’s friendship. Together they find a delicate balance of sensitive lyricism dripping in warmth and killer guitar hooks. Their evocative and literary approach to songwriting takes inspiration from midwest emo and the 1960s Greenwich Village folk scene. Last year they released two EPs on cult UK indie label Big Scary Monsters.

SUPERFRIENDS are three lovable nerds and best friends from Brighton who, after years of moshing together at DIY gigs, looked up at the stage and thought “Hey, I bet we could do that!” - and then they did! Inspired by such diverse topics as 90s culture, retro technology, English Heritage sites, and long distance friendships, every song of theirs is a tightly wound spring of nervous energy waiting to be unleashed via expansive, furious choruses.

The Cavendish Arms

128 Hartington Rd