Knife Song - Two Thumbs Down
Diy!! - Tummyache
Mad Half Hour - Panic Pocket
Reporter In The Wind - Dinner Night
Who Do We Not Save - Problem Patterns
Television Addict - The Gorls
Hombre Animal - Sei Still
When Will A Fire Come? - Cult Objects
Whatever Happens - Mint Green
End of the Night - Peace De RĂ©sistance
American Weirdos - Hurry Up
Fin du travail, vie magique - Laura Krieg
Ataque Subliminal - PĂ­ldora Letal
We Start The Fire - Old Time Relijun
When You're Sad - A.R. Kane
Detainer Man - Pozi
Smashed On Glass - Cement Shoes
Monoton Tid - Masshysteri
Speed Racer - Saber
APRIL 8, 2023