Modern Fatigue - Long Knife
Self Improvement - Self Improvement
Hard Butter - Jeuce
Blind Spot- Grit
Xerox - Snooper
Pigeons - Paddywak
New Sydney - Sydney Herds
The Smoke - Big Break
Nailed to the Wall - Erik Nervous and the Beta Blockers
Weird - Wormboys
Electricity - Captain Beefheart and his
Magic Band
Landlord - Nightshift
Dirty Water - Marbled Eye
Repulsion - Nag
Fosta/Sesta - The Real Distractions
Ferocious Pocket - Bangs
Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts - Everyone Asked About You
Ghost of Myself - Artsick
Super Golgotha Crucifixion Scene - Linus
Les gens sont les gens - Tout Debord
SOS - Cold Beat
JANUARY 14, 2023