A low fidelity digital file of a colour film photograph depicting 4 teenagers (the band Tiger Trap) sat on the front steps outside a suburban house. Probably in Sacramento.

Calm Down AKA I Should Not Be Alone - Ezra Furman
Best Life - Cheekface
Monotony - Monotony
Lead Singer - Owls of Now
Waiting For The Sun - Witching Waves
Celine - Shypig
Filling Up The Feelings - adults
Big Bird - Eddie Floyd
Jose Chung's "From Outer Space" - Radiator Hospital
Sin Triangle - sidney gish
Supercrush - Tiger Trap
Edge of the Pavement - Instant Bin
Up From Below - Remember Sports
The Way We Spoke - Strange New Places
Scream ft. Tanya Tagaq - Weaves
Hoarder House - Dogbreth
Part Time Punks - Television Personalities
Bad Feeling - Veronica Falls
Baby - Personal Best
Flirting With Her - Sir Babygirl
Frequent Crier - Future Teens
APRIL 21, 2020