Feeling uneasy about gigs? Here are some recent(ish) live videos and studio sessions for the meantime. Find Part 1 here.

Live on KEXP / KEXP At Home
Drinking Boys and Girls Choir from Daegu, South Korea, with a specially recorded live set and interviews for the Seattle station.

Concrete Culture at Damage is Done 2
A heap of raw footage from the hardcore fest including The Chisel, Nekra, and The Annihilated

Exchange TV
Mclusky at the Bristol venue for a Gig Buddies fundraiser and an Eat Up Collective gig with Arxx, Chuck SJ, and Desperate.

Feet First Productions
Set-filmers with a ton of vids (check out the rest here) from around the north-eastern USA. Below are some recent ones from bands I'm into.

Some gritty camerawork from a California punk fan with a YouTube account. Has posted multiple clips from Lie Detector Weekend in Los Angeles and Fear of Noise in San Diego (check out the rest here). Highlights below

Pitchfork Fest
Pro footage of last year's Chicago festival put on ultimately by Condé Nast, I guess.

Boston Fuzzstival
Lots of vids from last year's "does what it says on the tin" festival on the Illegally Blind Youtube account. I recommend Sweeping Promises and Really From.

JANUARY 25, 2022