Captain Handsome I Am Not An Animal album art. A digital collage with a photograph of Lily Rae wearing red lipstick and a floral dress on a dark background. She is holding a black rabbit and looking down. This is next to an image of some trees against the sky, as if seen from lying on the ground looking up. Stripes of red, yellow, and turquoise streak across this image and onto that of Lily and the rabbit. Over this is the artist name and album title in black type on seperate beige rectangles.

Lily Rae of London powerpop band Fightmilk's witty lyrics here wrapped in mournful arrangements. Captain Handsome's first release traverses singer-songwritership in the Kirsty MacColl tradition, '90s indie folk, and (on the title track) alternative rock.

Heather Newton's violin elevates the music further each time it appears, particular highlights are when nodding at the chorus melody to 'Islands in the Stream' on 'Dolly Parton' and the horror soundtrack string scraping on 'Halloween'.

JANUARY 31, 2020