Album art for Interior N15-E5. A photograph of three people, all wearing dark clothes, sit in a semi-circle in a field, each with their own bicycle in between them. The lens of the camera warps the world around them so the horizon is curved. The two furthest left are petting a small black dog.

What appears to be the first release from a no bass - two guitars and drums - trio of Brazilians in London, Interior.

Kraut is an obviously early '70s German sounding psychedelic instrumental verging on Mary Timony-esque riffs. Kanal starts out like a lost Fugazi track with an extended intro before transitioning into chanting lyrics, sounding like a jaded lifer bragging about how much better all the world's cool cities were in their day.

On Einstomzé jazzy percussion emerges from a blast of feedback, the droning guitar emulating raga before it all collapses into a steady heartbeat's pace. Pick It Up takes this mantle from where the last song leaves it until, two minutes in, Sleater-Kinney duelling vocals leap out. Definitely a band to catch live when that becomes a possibility again.

AUGUST 5, 2020